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Vince Gill Tour Dates at

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Vince Gill is an American singer, songwriter, and musician. Gill has recorded over 20 albums and over 40 of his songs have reached the top of the country charts. He has also won 20 Grammy awards – more than any other male country artist. He’s a member of the Grand Ole Opry, he’s in the Country Music Hall of fame, he has a star on the Walk of Fame, and he’s in the Guitar Center Rock Walk.


VINCE GILL Tour Dates & Tickets

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About Vince Gill

Where he came from:

Vince Gill is from Norman, Oklahoma. Gill’s father was in a country band part-time and he was the one who encouraged Vince to pursue a career in music. Gill was part of a bluegrass band in high school. After graduating, he moved to Kentucky and then Los Angeles, playing in other bluegrass bands.

Memorable Recognition and Awards:

  • 1990 Country Music Association Award: Single of the Year
  • 1991 Grammy Award: Best Country Vocal Performance – Male
  • 1992 Country Music Association Award: Male Vocalist of the Year
  • 1993 Grammy Award: Best Country Song
  • 1994 Academy of Country Music Award: Top Male Vocalist
  • 1995 American Music Award: Favorite Country Single
  • 1996 Grammy Award: Best Country Song
  • 2008 Grammy Award: Best Country Album

Did you know?

  • He can play the banjo, guitar, bass, mandolin, dobro, and fiddle.
  • Mark Knopfler invited him to join Dire Straits but he declined the invitation.
  • He’s been married to Christian music artist Amy Grant since 2000.

Top Vince Gill Songs/CD’s

Top 10 songs:

  1. “Feels Like Love” (Let’s Make Sure We Kiss Goodbye)
  2. “If You Ever Have Forever In Mind” (The Key)
  3. “Whenever You Come Around” (When Love Finds You)
  4. “Tryin To Get Over You” (I Still Believe In You)
  5. “When I Call Your Name” (When I Call Your Name)
  6. “Go Rest High On That Mountain” (When Love Finds You)
  7. “Look At Us” (Pocket Full Of Gold)
  8. “I Still Believe In You” (I Still Believe In You)
  9. “Don’t Let Our Love Start Slippin’ Away” (I Still Believe In You)
  10. “Never Knew Lonely” (When I Call Your Name)

Top 5 CD’s:

  1. I Still Believe In You
  2. When Love Finds You
  3. When I Call Your Name
  4. Let’s Make Sure We Kiss Goodbye
  5. The Key

Popular Vince Gill Quotes & Lyric “bites”

Quote 1:
Success is always temporary. When all is said and one, the only thing you’ll have left is your character.

Whenever You Come Around” Lyrics
I get weak in the knees, and I lose my breath. Oh, I try to speak, but the words won’t come. I’m so scared to death and when you smile that smile, the world turns upside down. Whenever you come around.

If You Ever Have Forever In Mind” Lyrics
If you ever have forever in mind, I’ll be here and easy to find, if your heart isn’t ready to lay down with mine. If you ever have forever in mind.

Feels Like Love” Lyrics
Look what my heart has gotten into, the sweetest gift I ever knew. It’s even better than my favorite shoes, look what my heart has found in you.

Look At Us” Lyrics
If you want to see how true love should be, then just look at us. Look at you, still pretty as a picture. Look at me, still crazy over you. Look at us, still believin’ in forever.

Go Rest High On That Mountain” Lyrics
I know your life on earth was troubled, and only you could know the pain. You weren’t afraid to face the devil, you were no stranger to the rain.

Vince Gill Tour Dates at

When I Call Your Name” Lyrics
A note on the table that told me goodbye, it said you’d grown weary of living a lie. Your love has ended but mine still remains, but nobody answers when I call your name.

Tryin’ To Get Over You” Lyrics
I’ve been tryin’ to get over you, I’ve been spending time alone. I’ve been tryin’ to get over you but it’ll take dyin’ to get it done.

I Still Believe In You” Lyrics
I still believe in you, with a love that will always be. Standing so strong and true, baby I still believe in you and me.


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