Top Ten Cross Body Purses for Country Music Concerts

Many under $20 bucks!

The main thing you want to be thinking about when you go to a concert, is enjoying the music. Carrying around a heavy purse..or any purse for that matter kinda gets in the way of serious dancin’.

So what’s a girl supposed to do? Bring along a lightweight, fun, sometimes funky crossbody purse. BTW, many of the purses I handpicked for you, come in different colors and patterns. Sooo, if you like the style, click thru and see your alternative options.

Top Crossbody Purses for your next country music concert at

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Roma Leathers Genuine Leather Multi-Pocket Crossbody Purse Bag perfect for a country music concert. It won’t get in the way and goes with practically anything. Comes in the black shown, but you can also get a rich brown or even light brown.


Women's Medium Size Solid Modern Classic Red Crossbody Bag with Gold Plate

My Gawd! Not only is this sleek purse super affordable, but it comes in every single color imaginable. There’s white, mint, navy, pink, coral, a soft gold color, yellow, taupe. You name it. At this price you could actually pick up a couple to go with different outfits.


Crossbody purse so compact it will not get in the a the way of dancing at your next country music concert.

This is the coolest little faux leather cross body purse, if you don’t want to carry much. You can get in your phone, bit of cash (or credit card) and a slim lipstick but that’s about it. But honestly sometimes that’s about all ya need. Less than $20 at time of this post. Oh, and multiple colors.


I’m showing you this Sak Pax Swing Pack Crossbody Bag in a gorgeous 2-tone chocolate leather, but you cannot believe the variety of colors and patterns to choose from. There’s white with leather trim. There a couple of Aztec options, as well as a modern flower print. Also two different blues.


Woowee. This is another pint size purse if you’re not into carrying much. Called Sakroots Artist Circle, it comes in so many fun prints it’s hard to decide which one. I played it safe with Jet Brave Beauty, but there’s Gold Songbird, Spirit Desert, Optic Peace. You get the idea!


Crossbody purse with high quality washed synthetic vegan leather with a fabric lining. Interior cell phone pocket, multifunctional slip and side zipper pocket. Comes in black, cognac, mint, khaki, light pink and more colors.


Grey Crossbody Purse

Love this front belt crossbody purse that features a zippered compartment on the backside. Plus compartments and an easy slide shoulder strap. You can get it in grey, red, blue or black. This is a good size purse if you like to carry a lot of stuff.


You could say this crossbody has a nautical look going for it…and I suppose it does. Personally I think stripes go with practically anything. This is a smallish crossover with a couple of compartments for iphone, lipstick, keys, cash. Killer price btw!


Red suede crossbody purse makes the TOP 10 picks for crossbody purses to wear to your next country music concert.

Faux Calfskin Leather Crossbody Bag with Suede Flap. Check out the lining in this purse. It’s like a surprise. Has quite a bit of room for a cross body, and also comes in a Navy color.


This Nine West bag comes in LOTS of colors and patterns. The one featured here is called Dark Camel/Black/Truffle Multi but there are like a dozen more to pick from including basic black, and other solid colors.

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Top Crossbody Purses for your next country music concert at