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Tim McGraw tour dates, cities, tickets and other concert news. You’ll also find some of our fave Tim McGraw quotes and lyrics… and little known facts.


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Tim McGraw is an American country music singer, songwriter and actor. He’s been married to fellow country music artist Faith Hill since 1996.

Tim McGraw has released fourteen studio albums, ten that reached number 1 on the Top Country Albums charts. Along with being a very successful musician, he has landed a role acting in seven TV shows and movies.

TIM MCGRAW Tour Dates & Tickets

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About Tim McGraw

Where he came from:

Tim McGraw was born in Delhi, Louisiana and raised by his mother in Start, Louisiana. He attended college on a baseball scholarship, but a knee injury kept him from pursuing a career in baseball. During this time, he learn to play guitar and began writing songs. Eventually, at the age of 22, he dropped out of college and moved to Nashville to pursue a career in country music.


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Memorable Recognition and Awards:

  • 1995 American Music Award: Favorite Country New Artist
  • 1999 Country Music Association Award: Male Vocalist of the Year
  • 2000 Academy of Country Music Award: Male Vocalist of the Year
  • 2001 Grammy Award: Best Country Collaboration with Vocals
  • 2003 American Music Award: Favorite Country Male Artist
  • 2005 Grammy Award: Best Country Vocal Performance – Male
  • 2014 People’s Choice Award: Favorite Country Music Icon

Did you know?

Tim McGraw Concert Dates and Cities at HerCountryMusic.com

  • He grew up believing that his step-father (Horace Smith) was his biological father, but ended up finding out that his actual biological father was the late baseball pitcher Tug McGraw.
  • He was born with the name Samuel Timothy Smith.
  • Tim McCraw has five tattoos. One of them is a leprechaun with a cowboy hat on his thigh – not kidding.
  • He refuses to spend more than 3 days at a time away from his wife, fellow country musician Faith Hill. Maybe this is how they’ve managed to keep their marriage strong for 20 years!
  • Tim McGraw is always wearing his famous hats because he’s insecure about his forehead; he calls it a five-head. Personally I think it’s more about hiding his baldness… but who am I to assume?

Top Tim McCraw Songs/cds

Top 10 songs:

  1. “Let Me Love You” (Set This Circus Down)
  2. “Please Remember Me” (A Place In The Sun)
  3. “Last Dollar” (Let It Go)
  4. “Indian Outlaw” (Not A Moment Too Soon)
  5. “Don’t Take The Girl” (Not A Moment Too Soon)
  6. “Highway Don’t Care” (Two Lanes Of Freedom)
  7. “I Like It, I Love It” (All I Want)
  8. “Grown Men Don’t Cry” (Set This Circus Down)
  9. “Felt Good On My Lips” (Emotional Traffic)
  10. “Unbroken” (Set This Circus Down)

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Top 5 CD’s:

  1. Set This Circus Down
  2. Not A Moment Too Soon
  3. A Place In The Sun
  4. Let It Go
  5. Two Lanes Of Freedom

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