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Did you know that Bryan has sold over 7 million albums and 27 million singles worldwide? Crazy but true.

Also, Luke Bryan was the recipient of the Academy of Country Music Awards and Country Music Association Awards “Entertainer of the Year” award.


LUKE BRYAN Tour Dates & Tickets

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About Luke Bryan

Where he came from:

Luke Bryan was born and raised in Leesburg, Georgia. He was going to move to Nashville to chase his dreams of becoming a country music singer at the age of 19, but he decided not to go shortly after his brother’s sudden death in a car accident. Instead, he went to college and graduated with a degree in business administration. He then married his college sweetheart and they moved to Nashville years later where he finally got the career he’d dreamed of.

Memorable Recognition and Awards

  • 2016 American Country Countdown Award: Artist of the Year
  • 2015 Country Music Association Award: Entertainer of the Year
  • 2015 American Music Award: Favorite Male Artist – Country
  • 2014 Billboard Music Award: Top Country Album
  • 2014 Billboard Music Award: Top Country Artist
  • 2014 American Music Award: Favorite Male Artist – Country
  • 2013 American Music Award: Favorite Male Artist – Country
  • 2013 American Country Award: Artist of the Year – Male
  • 2013 American Country Award: Artist of the Year
  • 2012 American Music Award: Favorite Male Artist – Country
  • 2010 Academy of Country Music Award: Top New Artist (boy, did they get it right!)

Did you know?

  • His real name is actually Thomas Luther Bryan.
  • He has his wife’s initials tattooed on his rear end and she has his initials tattooed on herself too. (Hehe!)
  • When his sister and brother-in-law passed away, he stepped up and started raising their son. (Wow)
  • He supports many causes and donates to charities frequently.
  • He often gets “panic attacks” before his concerts and other big events. (Who knew?)
  • He was the only country star to make Billboard’s New Faces to Watch (back in 2007).
  • His father is a peanut farmer, and that’s why is fans are called The Nut House.

Top Luke Bryan Songs/CD’s

Top 10 songs:

  1. “Play It Again” (Crash My Party)
  2. “That’s My Kind Of Night” (Crash My Party)
  3. “Drunk On You” (Now Country 7)
  4. “Crash My Party” (Crash My Party)
  5. “I Don’t Want This Night To End” (Now Country 5)
  6. “Country Girl (Shake It For Me)” (Tailgates & Tanlines)
  7. “Kick The Dust Up”
  8. “Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye” (Tailgates & Tanlines)
  9. “Strip it Down” (Strip it Down)
  10. “Drink a Beer” (Crash My Party)

Luke Bryan Concert Dates & Tickets

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Top 5 CD’s:

  1. Spring Break… Here To Party
  2. Crash My Party
  3. Doin’ My Thing
  4. Tailgates & Tanlines
  5. Kill The Lights

Luke Bryan Quotes and Lyrics

Popular Quotes & Lyric “bites”

Quote 1:
From my dad I learned to be good to people, to always be honest and straightforward. I learned hard work and perseverance.

Quote 2:
Really believe in what you’re trying to do. Don’t let people alter that. Trust your instinct and trust that overwhelming drive that made you put all your dreams and everything on the line.

Quote 3:
I’m a really, really optimistic and really, really positive person. My main thing is, ‘Enjoy life. Celebrate life.’

“Do I” Lyrics
Remember when we didn’t have nothing but a perfect simple kind of loving? Baby, those sure were the days. There was a time our love ran wild and free. But now I’m second guessing everything I see!

“Drunk on You” Lyrics
The best buzz I’m ever gonna find. Hey, I’m a little drunk on you, and high on summertime.

“I Don’t Want This Night to End” Lyrics
You got your hands up, You’re rocking in my truck, You got the radio on, You’re singing every song, I’m set on cruise control, I’m slowly losing hold, Of everything I got, You’re looking so damn hot.

“Country Man” Lyrics
Hey, I’m a country man. A city boy can’t do the things I can. I can grow my own groceries and salt-cure a ham. Hey baby, I’m a country man.

“Blood Brothers” Lyrics
Blood brothers closer than your next to kin, Thick as thieves and the best of friends, Take a bullet for each other.

“You Make Me Want To” Lyrics
Well I never met a girl like you. That’s got me thinking like I do. To hang up my hat and kick off my boots. But you make me want to. You make me want to.











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