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Popular Faith Hill Quotes & Lyric “bites”

Popular Faith Hill Quotes & Lyric “bites” at

The Way You Love Me” Lyrics
There’s nowhere else I’d rather be. Ooh, to feel the way I feel with your arms around me. I only wish that you could see the way you love me.

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“This Kiss” Lyrics
You can kiss me in the moonlight, on the rooftop under the sky, oh. You can kiss me with the windows open, while the rain comes pouring inside, oh.

There You’ll Be” Lyrics
In my dreams, I’ll always see you soar above the sky. In my heart, there will always be a place for you for all my life. I’ll keep a part of you with me and everywhere I am, there you’ll be.

Cry” Lyrics
Could you cry a little, lie just a little? Pretend that you’re feeling a little more pain. I gave, now I’m wanting something in return. So cry just a little for me.


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Breathe” Lyrics
All my thoughts just seem to settle on the breeze. When I’m lying wrapped up in your arms, the whole world just fades away. The only thing I hear is the beating of your heart.

Like We Never Loved At All” Lyrics
How can you just walk on by without one tear in your eye? Don’t you have the slightest feelings left for me? Maybe that’s just your way of dealing with the pain. Forgetting everything between our rise and fall, like we never loved at all.

Faith Hill Quote “Laugh Each Day.” PIN IT!

“I try to find a reason to laugh each day. Somehow, if you can incorporate laughter into your day, every day, it really helps. It’s the little things in life that make me happy.”

Two biggies in this Faith Hill quote:

1) Laugh each day
2) Little things in life make me happy

Laughter makes us feel so good…so why don’t we do it more? If laughter doesn’t come naturally, then we can start making a habit of it. Sound crazy to “work” at laughter? I don’t think so.

Faith Hill Quote "Laugh Each Day"

Look, you can’t help if you were born with natural inclinations that don’t serve you today, or whatever your upbringing was. But you sure as heck can help yourself now!

If you can read this, you can decide to laugh more… and while you’re at it, you might as well take Faith’s words to heart, and start enjoying the little things!

Faith Hill Quote “Embrace Life.” PIN if you agree!

“It’s not complicated to embrace life. You just have to make the choice.”

This quote of Faith Hill’s speaks to me because even tho I knew this to be true a lifetime ago, I’ve just in the last few years begun to live it.

For if not now, when?

Will you wait until the kids are in school? You can quit your job? You have more money? You lose the weight?

If you chose to wait…and you do choose that when you don’t embrace the life you have now, then you miss out on so much time. Choose to embrace life now.

Faith Hill Quote "It's not that complicated to embrace life..." at

Faith Hill Quote “Appreciate” PIN if you agree.

“I don’t want to sound like a Hallmark card, but to be able to wake up each day with food and shelter, that alone is good.”

Honestly, I feel the same as Faith here. I thank God EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. He gives me. Oftentimes, several times a day. The day alone is a gift.

Add to the mix, I have enough to eat. Clean water. Family. Live in not only the U.S.A…but Texas to boot!

What blessings! I mean really. Are we not abundantly blessed, or what?

Faith Hill Quote Appreciate!

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