Compensation Disclosure

In the spirit of full disclosure, and as a requirement by the FDC, wants you to know that we try hard to earn an income from this website. As much fun as it is to run, we are in business and as such, we make an effort to earn money from the site.

How do we get paid?

Well, one way is through our ticket broker TicketNetwork. We work as an affiliate for them so when you, our wonderful fan, clicks through one of our affiliate links and makes a purchase, we are given a small referral fee. You pay the same for the tickets as if you went directly to their site but since we sent you, they pay us a teeny commission.

Google ads and other advertisements are another way we can earn a commission.

Or if we have other affiliate products on, then we are compensated when you click through the link and make a purchase.

It takes an enormous amount of time and energy to make a living on the Internet so “Thank you” for your support.