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Cole Swindell is an American country singer. He also writes songs for many other famous country singers, such as Luke Bryan.

His very fist album featured five singles that ended up reaching the top 5 list of Hot Country Songs.


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About Cole Swindell

Where he came from:

Cole Swindell grew up in Glenville, Georgia. He attended Georgia Southern University and majored in marketing. He actually met Luke Bryan when Bryan was in Statesboro doing a show. Bryan had attended the same university years before and was part of the same fraternity. The two of them kept in touch and Swindell ended up working for Bryan for a while before he became famous himself.

Memorable Recognition and Awards:

  • 2015 Academy of Country Music Award: New Artist of the Year

Did you know?

  • He’s more than just a singer; he’s an artist as well and is very talented at drawing.
  • His full name is actually Colden Rainey Swindel.
  • He set a record as the first male artist to have his first four singles hit number one on the country charts.
  • His hometown of Glenville, Georgia is very small; his graduating class had only 25 students!
  • He’s very athletic; he played baseball, football, basketball, track, and golf in high school.
  • He’s wrote many songs for many other artists, but the only one he regret’s giving away is Luke Bryan’s “Beer In the Headlights.”
  • He was the first artist to debut at the top spot on country music charts since Florida Georgia Line‘s “Cruise.”

Top Cole Swindell Songs/CD’s

Top 10 Songs:

  1. “Chillin’ It” (Cole Swindell)
  2. “You Should Be Here” (You Should Be Here)
  3. “Ain’t Worth The Whiskey (Cole Swindell)
  4. “Hope You Get Lonely Tonight” (Cole Swindell)
  5. “Let Me See Ya Girl” (Cole Swindell)
  6. “Middle Of A Memory” (Cole Swindell)
  7. “Down Home Boys” (Cole Swindell)
  8. “I Just Want You” (Cole Swindell)
  9. “Swayin'” (Cole Swindell)
  10. “Flatliner” (You Should Be Here)

Top CD’s:

  1. Cole Swindell
  2. You Should Be Here
  3. Down Home Sessions
  4. Down Home Sessions II

Cole Swindell Quotes and Lyrics. HerCountry Did we manage to capture the best of Cole Swindell's Lyrics and quotes?

Popular Cole Swindell Lyric “bites”

Chillin’ It” Lyrics
Pour it on easy now, don’t spill a bit. Nothin’ but time tonight, let’s get to killing it. Long as I’m rocking with you, girl, you know I’m cool with just chillin’ it.

“You Should Be Here” Lyrics
You should be here, standing with your arm around me here. Cutting up, cracking a cold beer, saying cheers, hey y’all it’s sure been a good year. It’s one of those moments, that’s got your name written all over it.

Ain’t Worth The Whiskey” Lyrics
I might stay for one more round or I might close this place down. But don’t think for a second I’m out to drown your memory. Baby, you ain’t worth the whiskey.

“You Should Be Here” Lyrics
If you’re feelin’ what I’m feelin’ let’s mix it up. You got my number baby, hit me up if you need a little late night pick me up. I hope you get lonely tonight.

Let Me See Ya Girl” Lyrics
Whoa, baby let’s go down a little road nobody else knows. Just me and you parked on the edge of the world. That’s how I wanna see you, girl.

“Middle Of A Memory” Lyrics
It shoulda, coulda, woulda been the night of our lives. Girl, it ain’t right, no. How you gonna leave me right in the middle of a memory?








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